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Poetry corner

On this page are published some of my poems or texts generally written in my adolescence.

They were never published perhaps out of modesty... There is also a certain naivety, humor perhaps also in the writing and the way of thinking. 

So I'm giving it a try today to publish some of them. 

See also my page biography well as the illustrations on surrealism page



of reason

Everyone is waiting

wait what why

Life is made of waiting

Of a new day

Of a new hour

Of a new meal

Even the worker waits for his Sunday

So the old man bides his time

We also wait to love each other

Even a mother expecting a child

And a petanque player waits his turn

As also the dog waits for his master

Even the idealists await their revolution

What the world is patient 


She kissed me on the cheek

I stood still

Me, surprised by this small sincere gesture

No that wasn't love

But a pure and simple desire

It was sincere

She had problems

She had her loneliness

Alone against all the storms

Who are unleashed against her


The bouncy and wild curly hair

The look lost even a little humiliated

Faded and patched jeans

She told me you it's not the same

I did not react

  I may have heard wrong I was not sure

Now I'm sure and it's too late


One day she came back to class

By putting green on her lips

I said to myself it's not okay

Then always late I understood

That it was her way of expressing herself

To show that she didn't agree

To reveal his nonconformity

That we said age of reason

Me now I say

Want to live with simplicity, simply burst


As soon as we understand things

  We realize that it is always a bit late

To do well to catch up

We regret we have remorse

And sometimes it's deadly


So one more time when we feel remorse

For things past

For details that we missed

By impotence or cowardice

I say that we always have the age of reason

Rays of sunshine are escaping

From your cherry mouth

The hazy atmosphere softens

The features of your face tenderly

And your eyes dig into my intimidated soul

You are present memory

Dominating my space, my memory

I hang you from the ceiling

To better penetrate me into you, your gaze

Lying calm with maybe a regret

That of not being able to reach your wild hair

I'm grateful

Havingfilled my loneliness as a man

In the palm of your hands your life

I seek to be me in my silence

Who is talking to you

Will you respond to my invitation of love

To my stranger's soul from a passerby

I seem to have glimpsed one of those rare and precious stars

What to keep to yourself

Retain the essential

Making that we are no longer strangers

starry gaze

Cherry mouth

Teeth surprised smile in flight



Languorous passers-by

walk headlong

On a carpet of pleated leaves

Bare and unhappy plane trees

Not a bird flies

Beneath this damned darkness

Not a bug on the floor

Wet and cleaned

Along the sidewalks streams

This water from the sky

And with a continuous rustle

Quickly down the avenue

Under this heavy and black sky

There on the surrounding hills

You can easily see

Smoke from the swirling cottages

So this morning freshness

Envelops the banal atmosphere

Ofold Breton village

Or often it rains I am told

SALERNO Jean-Marc -  tel: - -SIRET: 90373373100017 - APE: 7420Z

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