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Biography Jean-Marc Salerno

Born in Tunisia, I spent a large part of my childhood in the south of France.

As a teenager, I had started film photography by covering various subjects such as nature, cultural and social events. At my parents’ house, I had used one of their bathrooms to turn it into a black and white photo development lab. Due to my original training, I worked in the field of electronic technical studies. And via a professional retraining, I practiced my job as a computer scientist until the end of my career.

During this professional period my photographic activity had remained limited.

Since the beginning of my retirement, I have revived this passion for photography by doing reports during the stays that I was able to do, such as in Japan and Cuba, and also by covering cultural and social events and during my travels in France. Virtually on every subject, I have collected these images into photo books.

Living in Lagny-sur-Marne for many years, as the seasons went by, I had boxed the different aspects of the Marne and its evolution. The collection of these photos accompanied by haikus (poetry in Japanese format: examples on this page) was exhibited at the cultural center of Thorigny-sur-Marne "Le Moustier" at the beginning of 2020. This was my first exposure.

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Then following the Covid-19 pandemic, periods of national confinement were imposed on us: which drastically limited our outdoor activities. .  With the batch of photos I had acquired in previous years, I thought it would have been interesting to recycle them (all or part of them), by making photomontages .  It must be said that since my youth, I have always been interested in the surrealist wave.    
This new field of photomontages allows me to open other fields of the possible, to discover other horizons: that of the abstract and the imaginary.
In the spring of 2021, I displayed my creations in my own garden. The goal was to “test” the interest of these surrealist photomontages with my friends and relatives. Then in the fall of 2021, I was offered to exhibit them in a private cultural center (We Welcome) in my city.

In general, I do not seek to confine myself to a particular style and subject, nor to acquire technical expertise.  I rather evolve over time according to what surrounds and touches me.

See the list of my exhibitions here.    

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